Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Things I have learned so far from being a mom... for 4 whole months :)

As my first OFFICIAL Mother's Day approaches (although last year we knew I was pregnant and my husband will tell you I was a mother the day we found out) anywho, my first Mother's Day... I figured I would share all the lovely things I have learned over the last few months:

1. LOVE... doesn't even begin to describe the way you feel the first time that little baby (or in my case BIG baby) is placed in your arms a) because YOU AREN"T PREGNANT ANYMORE and b) after waiting so long to see what you created, grew and nutured for so long that moment is finally here! c) watching your husband turn into a dad in front of your eyes
2. Bodily fluids touching you no longer bother you... in fact, those slobbery open mouth kisses make your whole day!
3. When they say stay active during your pregnancy it makes it easier to lose the weight afterwards they are not joking.... for someone who ate french fries EVERY DAY during my pregnancy and barely got off the couch the last 3 weeks,  this losing weight is harder this time around (let's hope my next baby loves fruit)
4. They grow way to fast, or at least try to grow way to fast, Jackson just wants to MOVE!
5. You will ALWAYS have someone out there giving you advice even if you don't ask for it and ALWAYS have someone criticizing the way you decide to do things!
6. During the winter IT IS NICE to have that wipe warmer (even if people tell you that you don't need it)
7.  No matter WHO is watching your baby, you worry...
8. Teething is stupid
9. Shots are harder on me than him
10. Taking a baby anywhere is like going on vacation, because you never know what you MIGHT need!
11. No matter how bad you feel, or tired you are one grin from your baby makes it all worthwhile!

 I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day, as I am sure I Will!

SUMMER is just about here, I know it technically doesn't start until June 22nd or something but let's face it 90 degrees in Texas is the start of Summer! Which means in a couple months I will be taking a 6 1/2 mth old to the Bahamas! I should start preparing now, I am a LIST maker! I need to make lists so i do not forget to pack anything! (pretty sure I got that from my Dad) but either way I always feel more READY to go once everything is crossed off my list than if I mentally try to do things! 

SPEAKING OF LISTS... I have got to get up and finish crossing things off my list for this weekend... my first 5k since having Jackson, and Mother's Day... of course we won't be able to top our Mother's  day presents to our mothers and grandmothers from last year... we gave them a picture of our pregnancy test telling them we were having a baby!!!!!

Linzy Marie

Monday, March 19, 2012


Ahhh we've finally gotten settled into our new place.... now the details of decorations and minor things Chaz has to do because he is so particular about the way things hang I will not even attempt to surprise him because let's face it... it will irritate the mess out of him if it is not perfectly straight where as I woud look at it and think, no one will ever know!

My kid, geez he's nearly 3 mths old... I know everyone says wow time has flown and I always thought how it's been 3 mths but really, it feels like yesterday I saw him for the first time... all 9 lbs 12 oz of him! Last week he was 12.4 lbs, and 24 inches long, my little monster man! I had a sorority sister who had her little baby this week... and I say little because she weighed 6 lbs 12 oz which Jack skipped :)

I will officially be a stay at home mom on March 29th! I am super excited because I love spending the day with Jackson, he truly is the light of my life and I LOVE watching him grow, even if some days he is a grumpy guss! So am I so I guess I can't blame him. On March 28th it will be mine and Chaz's wedding anniversary, these 2 years haven't always been rainbows and butterflies but together we have brought a beautiful person into this world so really nothing else matters!

I decided I was going to teach myself to sew... I am going to be looking for blogs for how tos, pinterest and other websites because with a 11 week old I don't have much time to be taking sewing classes, if you know of any please let me know! I tend to start projects and not quite finish them so let's hope I can get something done because crochetting didn't last long!

Also, I watch The Revolution on television with Ty Pennington... today Chaz and I started our own Revolution because we need Bahama bodies by the middle of July and after getting skinny and then getting pregnant with a little chunk I have got to get back on track! I hope to be posting some delicious new recipes soon... we will see!

I feel like my blog doesn't really have a path right now, no real reason or purpose and I hope to find one soon for now I feel like I am ranting, like an extra long facebook status... I am going to work on that too!

The boy is waking up so I hope you all have a wonderful week, I know I will with my baby boy!

~ Love Love Love~

Friday, February 10, 2012

wow... a new year, a new life!!!

Being pregnant, working full time an hour away from home and blogging didn't work out well for me... in fact I barely could make it being pregnant and working an hour from home... something had to give and so naturally it was blogging.... but since I am slowly starting to get a schedule down with little man I might have a few moments on my hand to blog again!

January 4th 2012, that's right people 2 days after my due date Chaz and I went to the doctor AGAIN... and they decided if I wanted they would induce me. (well NATURALLY any pregnant woman past her due date would say yes because being pregnant for over 40 weeks is TORTURE) So off we went to the hospital at 4 pm.... it's so weird I wasn't nervous at all that night, I was so excited and ready I didn't even think to be nervous. THe induction began and the doctor said she would be back in to check on me but he would probably make his appearance around 4 pm the next day, so we settled in and our moms came to visit and then everyone decided we should get some rest. Now I won't bore you with my labor story because trust me it's boring... except for the part where at 4 AM it was time to push! At 4:31, I finally got to meet the little mover and shaker I had been growing inside my belly (WHICH WAS HUGE by the way)
That first moment when I met my son... was probably the best moment of my life, right next to when Chaz and I said I do... I still can't decide which one is better because I wouldn't have one without the other! THEN when they told me how much he weighed... i about fell off the hospital bed... 9 lbs 12 oz, he was a MONSTER.... but a cute one!
I am pretty much loving this being a mom thing, even if he sometimes refuses to go to sleep until 12 am.... (which is rarely I might add) He seriously is adorable and I love every minute with him! I simply cannot believe it has already been 5 weeks... seems like yesterday I took that picture, and now he looks like this....
And this week, he started smiling... it melts my heart, and I can't wait for him to have that little baby laugh to go with it that is so contagious! Chaz and I both have enjoyed figuring out ways to make him laugh, for now, this big 'ol grin will make me happy!

I am really hoping to keep up with my blogging so I can share some little moments with you all as he grows (which is already happening WAY to fast for me)

This week.... we begin our process of moving, so let's hope it all goes smoothly.... with a 5 week old it could be VERY interesting!

~Love Love Love~